Letter from Clarence S. (Cleveland) to Hank P.(New York)

June 4, 1939

Dear Hank [P.]:

Read your community letters and to say that the combination of hocus- pocus, brimstone, humor, seriousness and intelligence is amusing and instructive would certainly belittle the facts. Received a very nice letter from Bill [W.] also yesterday.

Our situation here with the Jones business is under control and things are going along too too ducky for words. Bill Jones and I and Clarissa Williams, and etc. etc. had a knockdown dragout affair a couple of weeks ago and they have chosen to leave us alone and confine their activities elsewhere.

We lost the activities of three or four rummies but I guess it had to be that way. Life is too short and there is too much to be done To spend any time or energy carrying on any comedy or petting business with any Oxford Group or any other group.

As I analyze it, the main trouble was the Oxford Group wants the bows and along with perhaps some resentment or jealousy connected with the fact that I happen to be the gonoph that took the initiative to get our Cleveland gang started, Jones got Tate and Charlie Johns all in a muddle and of course Jones will not permit anyone to touch his prize exhibition piece (Rollie Hemsley) [ed.note: semi-famous baseball player] so those four are out and possibly one more may be out, but I am not certain. Certainly they are all 21 years old, free and white and if they had no brains in the first place they wouldn’t be rummies, so consequently I have no intention of running after them or kissing their footsies. Let them make up their own minds from here on out. I really had to play a little rough for a few weeks and really got some belting around but everything is hotsy totsy now. We have about fifteen or sixteen fellows now who are all 100% in my corner so we are able to go ahead and really get things done.

There is nothing to disturb myself, Bill [W.], or you, or anyone else Here now and we really expect to do a lot of work. Most of the people are intensely interested and are out working and doing something about it.

Our policy will be mainly this – not too much stress on spiritual Business at meetings. Have discussion after meetings of any business or questions arising. Plenty of fellowship all the time. Leaders of meetings have been chosen so far by seniority in the bunch. Cooperation in visiting at the hospital, so as not to gang up on the patient, -- but rather try to see him one or at the most two fellows at a time. We have an ideal hospital set up, and have an alcoholic physician in attendance. Doc Smith came up and talked to the superintendent of the hospital and the resident physician last Week and they are very sympathetic and enthusiastic. We have had one Patient through the mill there already and expect two or three more this coming week.

The catholic boys lined up the doctor and are watching him like hawks To try to keep him straight until the dangerous time is passed. We intent to stress the hospitalization of all cases possible, in fact we are trying to make it almost 100%. The man who lines up the new patient assumes the responsibility for him, for visitors, dollars, etc. After he is defogged we feel him out, then give him the book, and lots of conversation. Our book certainly has been a tremendous help. We also contact the family when he is in the hospital and give them conversation and the book.

We have the experience of New York and Akron before us to guide us and We feel that we are now on a very good footing. By the way, I am enclosing a check for four books – please send them on as soon as possible – we need them. Hope you and Bill [W.] can get out this way soon and meet our gang and give us some or your experience and wisdom.


       Clarence H. Snyder